club penguin

New Penguin Style Catalog

The new February clothing catalog is out and you get get new items like t-shirts and things like that. There are some secret hidden items in the catalog too but they are kind of old.

  1. page 9: click the T in T-shirts for the spikester.
  2. page 10: click the E in penguins for the spikette.
  3. page 13: click the light blue circle in the center of the 2 pages for the fruit headdress.
  4. page 16: click the pot with the chili peppers on it for the viking helmet (open and close 3 times for blue).
  5. page 19: click the snowman’s nose for the yellow scarf.
  6. page 22: click the A in clearance for the pink pom pom toque.
  7. page 23: click the L in clearance for the red hoodie.

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