club penguin

Club Penguin April Fool’s Party

The April Fool’s Party is here on Club Penguin this week. I took a look and it has a lot of cool things to do. There are cardboard boxes everywhere and if you move your mouse over them then they do fun stuff. Like sometimes they will move around or do funny things or puffles will jump out and stuff like that.

There is a new place called the box dimension. You get there by stepping on a portal box. Members can buy a portal box in the box store at the snow forts. Non-members can still go but you need to find a member igloo with a portal box in it first.

The newspaper is decorated with lots of scribbles and there is even a fake upcoming events page with Rockhopper on it.

Fun party!

Oh and there is a free item. It is the blue propellor cap and you can get it in the Mine.

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