club penguin

Club Penguin Music Jam 2009

The Music Jam 2009 party is coming next weekend to the Club Penguin island and I’m really excited about it. I went to last year’s party as a non-member and it kind of sucked because I couldn’t go backstage. This year I am a member and I will go. I hope I get to see DJ Cadence and the Club Penguin Band when they visit. I think they’ll only be backstage kind of like how the appearances happened at the member party this year at the night club but I don’t know for sure. Anyway I will post the Club Penguin Band Tracker and the Club Penguin DJ Cadence tracker in my sidebar once they’re available. I have the Rockhopper one there now but he’s not visiting the island this month. How cool would it be if Rockhopper made a surprise visit to the music jam though? I mean his name is ROCKhopper. LOL. OK that was kind of stupid. OK the Music jam party starts NEXT weekend and I will be there. Peace!

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