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Club Penguin Games: The Best Ones to Play

I like playing all the different Club Penguin mini-games but when I’m trying to earn coins to buy stuff I only play three of them. That’s because even though some games are fun they just don’t earn very many coins and I don’t want to have to play the mini-games all day long just to earn enough coins to buy some new furniture for my igloo.

My favorite three games to play for coins are:

  • Cart Surfer
  • Pizza Tron 3000
  • Puffle Round Up

I think Puffle Round Up is probably the best because once you get the hang of it you’ll see that it’s really easy and fast to get coins. But it takes some practice to get really good. Pizza Tron 3000 can be totally awesome for getting coins but you have to be good enough to get a near-perfect game everytime to get the coins really fast. If you’re a beginner than stick with Cart Surfer because it is really easy to get coins quickly in this game. Just do the backflip move followed by the jump and spin and keep repeating over and over again. You’ll get thousands of coins per hour just doing that.

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