Poptropica 24-Carrot Island

I’m playing a lot of Poptropica lately and I’m sharing some how-tos and walkthroughs. This one is borrowed a little from PoptropicaSecrets.com.

24 Carrot Island Walkthrough

24 Carrot Island

In 24 Carrot Island, you must help a ravaged city solve the mystery of its disappearing carrots. This adventure will take you deep into the secret lair of the evil Dr. Hare, who has covertly stolen all the carrots for a nefarious strategy. This walkthrough demonstrates you just how to make it throughout the 24 Carrot Island assignment in Poptropica.

Entry Carrot and Area Farm

Right as you arrive on 24-carrot island, go left to the Carrot Farm. When you get inside the home, visit the right past the sofa and you’ll get A Clear Bowl. Now go backup the chimney and outside the home. Go right to return to the beginning place. Communicate with the waiter right by the door and ask her to fill your bowl with milk. Go straight back into the home through the chimney.

This time around, visit the right. You are going to automatically set the plate of milk on the flooring where you picked it up. Visit the right and jump up onto the second floor and after that run to the left over to where the bath is. Walk slowly behind him to “chase” him down-stairs and then follow him there. Now he is your buddy for existence and will follow you anywhere.

Now go right past the diner and the theatre and get into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. Walk to the right and speak with the girl standing alongside the counter sporting the apron. Tell her you found her cat (his name is Whiskers) and then she will give you a crowbar.

Go straight back outside and run to the correct. Follow the sign to the Industrial Plant. When you make it happen, keep working to the correct. Jump up the left aspect of the manufacturing plant to the roof and you’ll find the Port Pattern. You do not really want it but it can assist you browse the vents inside the manufacturing plant if you get a tiny lost. Jump down the right-side of the creating and you’ll see a pipe near some old barrels floating in the water. Since you might have the crowbar, simply click the lid of the pipe and you are going to pry it open. Afterward you’ll head inside.

Getting In To the Factory

Run pick up the Carrot Transporter and left through the pipe. You won’t really want this possibly, but it is cool to have. Now jump up the left aspect of the pipe and after that right to the straight back over the valves that open and shut. The trick to get over these is to stand at the edge and have patience. Start running just as they are shutting and do one at a time. Some of them are tricky because they open and shut quite quickly.

Keep heading and you’ll see a huge rat. If you jump up into the little section of pipe that goes above he Is really easy to prevent. You can go down one other side and carry on left. Jump up through the best and you’ll be inside a dark-room inside the manufacturing plant.

Inside the Factory

The Device Room

Run over to the left and stand before the Learn Engine panel. There are three levers on the device and they can be all in the up spot.. Transfer the left lever so that it’s midway between down and up. The little green light above it’ll illuminate. Transfer the middle lever all the way down and the right lever to the same spot inbetween down and up as you did with the lever on the left. All three green lights will light and then the chief lights in the room will go on and the master engine begins moving.

Head over to the right-side of the room and jump up on the cartons. Jump around the left onto the platform and after that onto the best of the three barrels. A large mechanical arm will come by and when it does, jump up onto that. It is going to come to a platform on the right and when it does, jump off onto the platform and enter the open vent.

The Port

The vent is slightly like a maze where you can only see slightly before you as you-go. It’s quite simple to cope with and if you get caught you are able to just ue the vent blueprints that you just discovered outside. Head down and to the left and carry on until you see component of the passageway which is covered in ice. Go up and through that passageway and after that down one other side. You’ll quickly come to where there’s a pair of wire-cutters on the ground. Run over them to pick them up. Keep heading down and to the right and you are going to arrive at another grate in the vent.

Security System

You Will arrive on a platform with a sign where the phrase empowered is lit-up and that claims Security System. Very quickly and jump down onto the ground you will be found by a traveling security robot and then zap you. You Will change white and disappear and after that come in a refrigerated room. Now visit the right and jump up to the best where there exists a grate you’ll be able to exit to go back into the Port.

Packing Room

You should fast come to a fresh vent grate. Go inside and you’ll be in another room of the manufacturing plant where the carrots are place in crates. You should leap through a number of open chutes where carrot crates come traveling through. Stand on the border of each chute and wait for the crates to quit falling before continuing to the following one. The crates come in teams of distinct amounts. It Is simple to find out the styles if you’re patient and make it throughout. Visit the right and leap down onto the industrial plant floor. Afterward go left.

Soon you’ll locate a girl wearing some alloy rabbit ears and unusual swirly spectacles. Select her and say, “Hey, What Is that behind you?” You Will see a close up of the best of the rabbit ears. There Is a little power button at the center. Press that to turn the ears away and the lady will now not be under their hypnotic strength. She will get a printout from your giant machine that provides you with the system password for the computer which is: fuzzybunny. Now go somewhat to the left and leap back up to the vent grate where you entered. Click on it to go back into the vents.

Return to the Safety Robot Room

OK now you desire to head straight back to an identical spot you’re in before where the safety robot zapped you thus use your vent blueprint if you have to and return to that same entrance and go inside.

Because you disabled the safety system, the robot is not going to irritate you. Visit the underside right where you see a doorway and a sign that says, “Approved Bunny Drones Only” When you make an effort to go through the door, you are going to drop through a trap-door in the ground because you aren’t an authorized bunny drone. That’s alright, we’re about to take care of that. You will land in a fresh factory room. Head to the proper and be cautious to prevent the large presses that come crashing down or you are going to get crushed. There’s also some warm carrot juice that happens that will burn off you if you get hit. Once you work through these things, jump up on top of the steel girder and you are going to see a bunny ears hat. Run over it to select it up. These are drone ears just like the rest of the people in here are sporting. Go ahead and place them on now and then have the Exit.

You Will arrive straight back in the room that had the trap-door and the safety robot. Now, while you’re wearing the bunny drone ears, return to the large doorway. This time around, you’re authorized and you’ll be able to get inside.

Dr. Hare

Dr. HareYou will be standing next to Dr. Hare. He believes you’re one of his drones and tells one to start the launching sequence for his large spaceship. Jump up the space-ship. Click on him and say, “Look, a large bunny!” You Will zoom in on his ears. Press the strength button to turn them away. Afterward click the computer and input the password, which is fuzzybunny. It’ll then request you to enter a command. The command is on a sticky note on the PC and it is establish rabbot. It Is maybe not bunny and rabbot. Rabbot is the name of the robot space-ship.

The robot spaceship will launch and then you’ll be capable to manage it with the joystick on the PC. Now you need in an attempt to crash the space-ship by moving it into the course of the oncoming asteroids. Whenever you reach one, Dr. Hare will cry at you. You made it happen! Now follow the man up the rope and from the manufacturing plant.

You Will be straight back in the chief region standing before the gasoline station, but now 24 Carrot Island is vibrant and brilliant again. Go completely to the left and speak with the city manager. He’ll thanks and give you a medallion for conserving the town. Congratulations!


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