Poptropica Shark Tooth Island

Shark Tooth Island

Shark Tooth Island is an enjoyable and exicting island quest in Poptropica that’s a quite big shark problem and a quite big shark. You must save Professor Hammerhead and a yound boy who have become trapped on an isle in Booga Bay, residence of the great Booga shark.

You Will arrive by blimp on the isle. Go entirely to the correct, when you get the and follow the indication marked for the Early Ruins. Obviously, if you want to you can quit in the Shark Museum or the Coconut Cafe before you got, but they’re not important for completing the adventure. Head through the next brief transition area then keep heading to the proper. You’re now in the early ruins. Run entirely to the proper. Watch out for the large dropping coconuts that fall in the tree as you head through the area. When you get to the far-right side, you’ll see the Booga Bay indication.

Keep heading through the next brief room and then you will be in Booga Bay. Talk with the man at the Grass Skirts stand. He’ll give you a grass skirt. Set it on and then go straight back left to the early ruins. As soon as you get to the ruins, jump over the big stone at the center then push it to the until it’s next to the palm-tree. Now jump through to the top of the block.

OKLA. now keep climbing up the wonderful and rising the stages. You Will reach the really top standing next to a man in a mask. He is the neighborhood medicine man. Talk to him and he will let you know that deep in the temple you’ll uncover a wall carving that demonstrates you what you need ot bring to him. When you get all the ingredients, he will create a potion for you that one can use to care for the big shark.

Ancient Temple in Shark Tooth IslandNow simply jump out of the tree and keep heading down until you land safely on the earth. On the left you’ll see the dim and frightening entrance to the temple. Go inside the mouth of the statue to enter. Go down the first set of platforms.

Now you’re on a program. Don’t worry about any of the platforms here. Subsequently go left until you get to the end then jump up entirely on the various stages. You should be standing next to a green panel that type of seems like a shark mouth with teeth. Click the panel.

The proper ones to click are the third, fourth, sixth and seventh from the left. When you click those four, press the triangle inbetween the eyes and the eyes will light-up if you have done it accurately. This will open the door and then you’re able to proceed through. Keep heading through the next paassageway and then you will be in another big chamber. Jump and go entirely to the bottom. Run to the left until you get to the bottom of a big shark statue. Jump through to the statue and look at it, dropping down on the left side. Subsequently run entirely to the left until you see a stack of bones. Run on top of the huge white bone to pick it up.

Next you want to return back to the shark statue and climb/jump back on top of it. When you’re standing on the top of it, jump up on the swinging stage then keep heading left until you get to your pit with spikes in the partitions. Wait for the stage to slip next to you and then hop on it. When it reaches the other side, jump-off and then-head to the left. You may subsequently go to another chamber. Jump down to the bottom and operate all the way to the left. You may see a big pedestal with a container at the top. Inside that container is some green stuff. This really is the essential factor that the medicine man needs for the potoion. Keep increasing through the chamber with tons of stages by bound all the way up to the top.

Now you may appear back where you began next to some hole in the sand that wasn’t there before. You may arrive right alongside the man who sells shark fins. Head slightly to the correct and there will be some guy facing a booth next to the Coconut Cafe. Talk to him and he will give you some coconut milk. This really is the last factor which you will need for the medicine man.

Walk to the correct and return back to the Early Ruins. You may need to push the big stone again to get underneath the vine next to the big palm tree. Go entirely back up to the tree to reunite to where the Medication Man is standing and talk to him. He’ll take all three fixings from you and make you an exceptional Relaxing potion to give the shark. Now bound down in the tree and visit the proper to Booga Bay.

After you get to Booga Bay, stroll all the way to the until you see a cannon. Click that cannon and a brand new display will appear. Train the cannon towards the far side and click to launch the coconut with the exceptional potion in it into the water. Once it lands, the great shark will appear and eat it. He’ll turn green and fall asleep under the water. Select the page back to return to the main screen. Now go right across the water and you may arrive at a little isle.

There Is an old man here standing facing a hut. It Is Professor Hammerhead and you’ve rescued him and the little boy! He’ll thank you and request that you take him and the son safely straight back to the mainland. Go left and they will follow you. Return entirely to the seashore where the crying girl was. When you arrive she will thank you for locating her son. The professor will give you the isle medallion and you happen to be done with Shark-Tooth Island!


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