Roblox is a multiplayer online social gaming stage released in 2006. The game is designed and distributed by the Roblox Corporation. In this multiplayer game, players can make their own particular virtual universes and design their individual world inside the platform. Games on Roblox can be made by using the sandbox version of the programming language Lua. Robux, the money used in the game, can be compensated to clients and engineers. This currency can be changed over to real money via the Developer Exchange program. The game is intended for family as well as for staunch game enthusiasts. The game can be played on a wide assortment of gadgets and stages, including Mac, Pc, iOS, Android, Oculus and Xbox. In the of fall 2016, Roblox had more than 500,000 game developers, and 30 million dynamic players, who has collectively spent more than 300 million hours of game play. The Roblox Corporation has more than two hundred employees in its San Mateo, California headquarters.

History and development of the game

The game was designed by co-founder Erik Cassel and David Baszuki in the year 2004. The term Roblox is derived by combining the English words “robots” and “blocks”. The beta version was launched in 2004 and the game was officially launched in 2006. In the same year, Roblox Points, the currency of the game was introduced which was later renamed to Robux. Within two years after its launch, Roblox incorporated features like search system, avatar customization and messaging system. On 22nd December, 2006, Roblox badges were introduced for the first time. In March of 2007, the game was made compatible with COPPA and the feature of safe chat were added.

How to play Roblox

In the game, players have to design places with building blocks of different shapes and colors. You can also use tools and user made plug-ins for the construction. There is a Roblox Library in the game in which you can find free scripts and models. The game also features an Official Model Maker system with which gifted model makers can add their creations on the first page of the Roblox Library. The programming language, Lua can be used to change the outline of the game. By using Roblox Studio you can also develop plugins in Lua. Downloading Roblox Asset Downloader to quickly download assists and characters, view textures and insert them to studio using DnD.

Review of the game

The most spectacular thing about this game is that it presents a continually evolving and never-ending series of fun and creative challenges. The creative ideas of thousands of youthful engineers are energizing, entertaining, and motivating. You can find scenarios ranging from basic snag courses to full urban areas. However, when you get inexpert designers, you get novice development which can result in on screen flicker, frustrating gameplay and rendering problems, especially when you are jumping or navigating mazes. Just be cautious that the game can get gruesome and violent, depending on what the designer has placed into the challenge. Apart from its game play issues, Roblox deserves full marks for interaction and creativity. This game grows with your child where they begin as explorers or players and then gradually end up becoming developers and experienced users. One of the best thing about this game is that it gives young designers a chance to make a lot of money from their inventions.


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