Making Maps for Minecraft

Have you ever ever played Minecraft? Minecraft maps are custom created worlds which can be saved within Minecraft games. They will have endless chances giving you an opportunity to try different actions which range from playing experience, to solving puzzle maps that examine your problem solving capabilities among other actions. As it pertains to these… Continue reading Making Maps for Minecraft



Roblox is a multiplayer online social gaming stage released in 2006. The game is designed and distributed by the Roblox Corporation. In this multiplayer game, players can make their own particular virtual universes and design their individual world inside the platform. Games on Roblox can be made by using the sandbox version of the programming… Continue reading Roblox


Taking Really Amazing Screenshots with Apps

Shooting screenshots in your Mac or Windows computer really is easy. On the Mac, simply press Command Shift + 3 to get a full screen. On Windows, it’s just tapping the Print Screen key. So easy! There are a few more complex instructions for shooting the keyboard shortcut of Command for Mac, although different types of… Continue reading Taking Really Amazing Screenshots with Apps


My Kind of Rambling But Awesome Thoughts on Clash Royale

Grab some popcorn and settle in because I’m going to drop some heavy thoughts on my current favorite game, Clash Royale. Yeah, you’ve heard of it. Kind of hard to miss because when Supercell released it on iOS back in March, it was featured all over the App Store. I downloaded it onto my Dad’s… Continue reading My Kind of Rambling But Awesome Thoughts on Clash Royale